The Inner Compass. Finding Peace Within.

Rechart your course and restart your life on a path that leads to an exciting new future... a future that is totally unlike your past!

If you’re here on this site, you’re probably going through a process of change or a time of transition. I know what that feels like. I’ve been there. In fact, on more than one occasion. You can read more of my story on the “About me” page but suffice to say, I have experienced many difficulties in life and I have come to realise that difficult times do not need to be a negative experience. We will all go through difficult times; none of us are immune to them. However, it is how we view these difficulties, or how we let them shape us, that makes going through this process of change more painful than it needs to be. There are many tools we can use in order to help us navigate our way through times of transition and this is why I have created The Inner Compass program. This course will give you access to all kinds of tools and information that will help you navigate your way through difficult times with grace and poise.

Change is inevitable. As long as we are alive, we will experience times of change.

The Inner Compass is specifically tailored to help you move through the times of transformation that come with change.


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There are 7 units and a powerful introduction that you can gain access to immediately. In these units you will receive information on life changing subjects via a free, immediate access PDF worksheet, a video explaining the key points of that unit, as well as meditations, affirmations and ideas for journalling; all of these are valuable tools to master when dealing with times of transformation.

“We change by degrees!”

William Wilberforce

It is only when we are living in perfect alignment with the coordinates of our inner compass that we find fulfillment, living the life we love. It is possible for every person to know these coordinates and realign our course to experience a life of peace and joy.


START The Inner Compass Program today and navigate the process of change that is taking place in your life, one degree at a time.



Introduction. Discover how to live in the realm of the miraculous; a place of peace and joy where all things are added unto us.

Unit 1: Finding Peace Within. Many of us search for peace in all of our external circumstances, but the place to find peace... is within. This place of peace is available to everyone, right now!

Unit 2: The Value of a Healthy Self-Esteem. A positive self-image is crucial to our well-being. We must be able to love ourselves before we can ever truly love another. A strong sense of self-worth comes from knowing who we are, and to whom we belong.

Unit 3: Identity and Freedom. The key to understanding our identity is having a sense of purpose. We are not what we do, however doing what we love makes us come alive and be who we truly are. When we are living in alignment with who we truly are, we find ourselves living a life filled with miracles and wonder.

Unit 4: Understanding Triggers. What are triggers and how can we identify and manage them?

Unit 5: Thoughts become Habits. Our inner world of thought shapes our outer world of circumstance. Do you have thoughts of fear, doubt and indecision resulting in habits of failure and confusion. Or are you cultivating thoughts of love and trust producing habits of self-control and peace?

Unit 6: The Power of our Words. As we speak, our words carry a vibration. They go out into the atmosphere and will produce a result. This is the most powerful tool we have been given in life. How are you using the power of your words?

Unit 7:  The Power of our Choices. Do we really have the ability to make choices? Do we really have free-will, or are we conditioned to make choices based on our past programming?



 "Don’t ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman