Skye McKenzie was born in Zimbabwe but considers herself a citizen of the world as she has lived in many countries including South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Singapore and Italy. Skye has a Bachelor of Theology Degree and a Certificate in Trauma Care. She has overcome many difficulties in her life and, through them all, she has discovered much about the process of change. Skye is an author and speaker whose passion is to help people navigate their own times of difficulty and change with grace and poise.


My Story:

I grew up with very low self-esteem believing I was not worthy of love and acceptance. As a child, my mistakes carried severe consequences and by the time I was six years old I had already discovered that the safest way to live… was to hide. I even learned how to hide within my own skin. I hung my head, never making eye contact with people and my entire body language said, “I’m not here. Don’t talk to me. In fact, please, don’t even see me!” Strong messages of unworthiness and fear were written on my inner script. These messages dictated the way I lived; the choices I made and the way I behaved.

By the time I left school at the age of seventeen I had absolutely no idea who I was. I had spent too many years hiding. I had no personality, no sense of adventure, and I did not know how to have fun and enjoy life. The real me, an extrovert who had become so very afraid to be seen, was completely hidden beneath all the layers of pretense trying to be what I thought everyone around me wanted me to be. My entire life was a roller coaster ride as I desperately sought the approval of others to make me feel valuable; I was up when I sensed their approval and down when I did not. This created an addiction to people pleasing, to seeking a feeling of acceptance and approval. This way of living became my “situation normal”.

Eight years ago I found myself at the end of this roller coaster ride; this drama called life. Due to a series of poor choices, I found myself in a situation of intense loneliness and isolation. Left alone with my thoughts for weeks at a time I became incredibly confused about my life, not understanding how I could spend so much energy on trying to please people, and yet be so unhappy as a result. I began the process of peeling off all the layers of my faulty belief systems. One-by-one I was able to identify each limiting belief that had been written on my inner script and I set about changing them.  Every one was painful to face, but the freedom I experienced once I had faced it and dealt with it was undeniable.

I recognized that many of the choices I had made were a result of the inner messages that had been planted into my subconscious as a child. And as I peeled off the layers, going deeper and deeper, I began to discover the very core of who I was. The real Skye McKenzie as I had been created to be.

I understand now that it was those difficult times in my life that caused me to face what was happening in my life and become the person I am today. Every experience from my past has become the thread used to weave the rich tapestry of my life. I discovered that times of difficulty are really times of transformation. Opportunities to grow and change and become more authentic, more loving, more accepting of ourselves and others.

It is now my desire to help others overcome the debilitating pains of their past. To help others deal with those faulty inner scripts and rewrite them. To help others through their times of difficulty and transformation in order to become their true, authentic selves. It is only when we are living in perfect alignment with the coordinates of our inner compass that we will find fulfillment, living the life we love. It is possible for every person to know these coordinates and realign their course to experience a life of peace and joy.