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Skye has been a guest on many radio programs in different countries around the world. She speaks about change and how to navigate times of transition, and her message of how to overcome Circumstantial Depression has been well received by many listeners throughout the United States.

Skye was a regular guest on Radio Rhema in New Zealand for eighteen months, providing a two-minute Thought for the Day, once a week.

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Topics for Discussion


Circumstantial Depression
According to the WHO by 2030 depression will account for the highest level of disability in the world. What is Circumstantial Depression? How is it different to Clinical Depression and is it possible to overcome it? Skye ­reveals the answer to this question and more..

Rechart Your Course
Discover a breakthrough path to finding peace within. There is a way in which we can live, where “all things are ­added” to us; all our needs are met and the supply for ­every demand is available to us. This path is vastly ­untravelled ­because of one simple truth that has been so very ­misunderstood; The truth about the kingdom of God. Where is this place? What is the kingdom of God and who can access it? Skye reveals the answers to these questions and more.

Understanding Triggers
Triggers block our ability to think clearly. What are they, how do they affect us and how can we ­manage them?

Self-Worth & Freedom
We are constantly being called into freedom. Freedom from suffering, freedom from pain, freedom from anxiety and fear.  When we are free to be the unique creatures we were created to be, we discover that making a mistake is not a sin. Mistakes are the process of learning and we will all make them. It's time to embrace our mistakes instead of beating ourselves up about them!

Identity & Happiness
The key to understanding our identity is having a sense of purpose. We are not what we do, however doing what we love makes us come alive and be who we truly are. Say “yes” to the ­Magical Life. The life where we are living true to who we are and where all things are added to us.