If you want to change your footprint... Change your shoes!


We have the power to change our lives through the choices we make.

Peace of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of life. We gain peace of mind when we understand ourselves and the power of our thoughts and words. Thinking constructively results in changed ­circumstances which enables us to cease from anxiety, worry and sadness and live a life of true abundance. If you want to change your footprint... Change your shoes! is an adapted version of the original classic As A Man ­Thinketh by James Allen. It includes Skye's wisdom and inspiration, with practical application notes at the end of each chapter. This little book will help you to understand your situations, clarify your thoughts and make sound decisions.

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The Inner Compass Workbook

Finding Peace Within.

Rechart your course and restart your life on a path that leads to an exciting new ­future... A future that is totally unlike your past! It is only when we are living in perfect alignment with the coordinates of our inner ­compass that we find fulfillment, living the life we love. It is possible for every ­person to know these coordinates and realign our course to experience a life of peace and joy. Start The Inner Compass Program today and navigate the process of change that is taking place in your life, one degree at a time.

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Forty Days to Breakthrough

Discover a Breakthrough Path to Freedom and Purpose.

Do you ask questions like "What is my purpose?" or "Why am I here?" In her book Forty Days to Breakthrough, Skye offers a program to help you discover the answers to these questions and more. She reveals lessons she has learned during her own journey of searching for happiness and shares practical advice on how to listen to your intuition to create a unique plan for your life. This easy-to-apply program provides a daily plan of reading, journaling and meditation for a period of forty days.

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